Bosch ProPower MFW68660 - köttkvarn - svart

Bosch ProPower MFW68660 - köttkvarn - svart MFW68660
1 352 krfrån 45 kr/mån
 Finns på lager - omgående leverans
  • Very fast processing through strong motor and high motor blocking power
  • Flexible help for every day with more than 20 functions from mincing meat or fish, shredding vegetable or cheese to pressing fruit and vegetables
  • Flexible use not only mincing of meat and fish, but also preparation of Kebbe and sausages
  • Fast processing of huge amounts through strong motor 4,3 kg / min
  • Easy handling due to practical handle, cable storage and disc compartment
Extra kraftfull köttkvarn med hög kapacitet och många tillbehör.