Avigilon H.264 HD 2.0-H3-DC1 - nätverksövervakningskamera

Avigilon H.264 HD 2.0-H3-DC1 - nätverksövervakningskamera 2.0-H3-DC1
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Avigilon's end-to-end surveillance solutions deliver image detail no other system can match. Avigilon. Control Center software, featuring High Definition Stream Management (HDSM). technology combined with the broad range of megapixel cameras (from 1 MP to 29 MP) provide unprecedented clarity - while effectively managing storage and bandwidth requirements. The components are scalable and can work together in an end-to-end system, or can be customized to create your own powerful and cost-effective solution.

The innovative H.264 HD indoor dome cameras are just one way Avigilon can help provide the very best monitoring and protection.

The H.264 HD indoor dome cameras are a great solution for monitoring both daytime and nighttime activities. They feature an integrated lens for remote focus and zoom control and are ONVIF compliant for no-hassle integration. The indoor dome cameras operate on Avigilon's H3 platform, providing these models with improved low light performance and enhanced HDSM. software features. P-Iris control also allows the cameras to automatically set their iris position to maximize image quality in all lighting conditions, while onboard storage capabilities let you manage storage directly on the cameras using a standard SD memory card. These cameras are extremely versatile and can work in almost any location, including banks, schools, retail outlets, municipal grounds and buildings, hotels, bars and restaurants.