AMD FirePro S7000 - grafikkort - FirePro S7000 - 4 GB

AMD FirePro S7000 - grafikkort - FirePro S7000 - 4 GB 100-505966
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  • Specially designed for use in rackmount servers, blades and PCIe expansion chassis
  • Passive thermal solution for deployment flexibility
  • Energy efficient design, single-slot design helps reduce cooling cost and increase density
  • 4GB GDDR5 frame buffer
  • Optimized performance for workstation graphics applications
  • Removeable retention bracket
  • SMBus support for temperature reading at boot up
  • Support for Citrix and VMware virtual machines with pass-through mode
  • Support for Microsoft RemoteFX
  • PCIe 3.0 compliant
  • Designed and thoroughly tested by AMD
  • Planned minimum four year lifecycle
IT departments are faced with many challenges: doing more with less resource, configuring computing solutions to meet a variety of end user needs, reigning in time spent on system support and maintenance, preventing data leakage, and supporting multiple operating systems and application versions. AMD FirePro technology is designed to help IT meet these challenges and more. AMD FirePro S7000 server graphics deployed in the data center can help IT transition end-user desktops to a virtualized data center while still providing individuals with the graphics acceleration required running their applications.

AMD FirePro S7000 is the most powerful single-slot, passively cooled multifunctional server graphics card AMD ever created. In fact, as of launch, AMD is the only graphics card manufacturer offering single-slot, passively cooled server graphics cards.

With AMD FirePro S7000 there is only one solution for IT to maintain, update and stock to meet the most demanding centralized computing needs. Coupled with a single unified driver, AMD FirePro S7000 server graphics offer IT a flexible and scalable solution capable of supporting Remote Graphics and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments, rendering farms, High Performance Computing implementations, and traditional workstation graphics applications for Computer Aided Design and Engineering, (CAD/CAE) and Media & Entertainment (M&E).